Finding the right speaker for your event

There are dozens of exceptional speakers you could hire for your audience and event but being a great presenter doesn’t mean they are the best fit. So how do you choose the right speaker?


Here are 6 things to finding the right speaker fit for your audience and event:

  1. Signature Talks

    What Type of Keynote Speaker Does the Event Need? Is he/she willing to break from their signature talks to craft material around your event theme, desired takeaways, and audience?

  2. Pre or Post Talks

    Are they willing to attend pre or post-talk meetings/mingle with VIPs and Sponsors? Communication with executives is sure important to have a clear picture of what the meeting objective(s) and benchmarks are for success.

  3. Thorough Research

    How well do they know or research your audience’s industry and professional mix?

  4. Flexibility

    How flexible are the terms of the contract?

  5. Client Testimonials

    What do previous clients say about their “adaptability” and collaboration in promoting the event and his/her talk? Getting a first-hand account of the positive (or negative) experience others have had with a speaker is a great way to ensure the success of your event.

  6. Engaging Approach

    What is their approach to engaging the audience for a memorable event? You will want to find a keynote speaker or presenter that knows what they are talking about and can deliver information in an entertaining way.


In many ways, an effective keynote or main stage speaker will not only meet the objectives of your event but will successfully engage your audience and provide valuable information that can be easily applied. A poor keynote speaker will fail to connect with your business’s objectives and leave the audience feeling as though their time has been wasted. 

If you are in charge of securing a keynote/mainstage speaker for a specific event, the performance and outcomes of your decision can reflect positively or poorly on you. So, when finding the right speaker, take into account the 6 key things above. Then you can be confident that your event will run smoothly and that your speaker will align perfectly with your business objectives and audience.


Dennis “DC” Campbell