Chris Griffith

Smile Synergy Study Club
"Highly Creative and Entertaining - Dennis “DC” Campbell is funny, witty, engaging, and the ultimate professional. DC’s presentation “Cracking The Code” for a Winning Corporate Culture was inspiring, stimulating, and it captivated the audience and left them with thought-provoking ideas for both their personal and professional lives. He tailored his keynote lecture specifically to our group of dentists for our March 2019 meeting to include stories that they could relate to and provided useful information that they could implement in their practices. He kept the audience engaged for the entire 60 minutes and several members mentioned they wished he would have had more time to continue. In addition to his presentation, DC is very professional and it is clear the passion he has for his work as he pays attention to every detail and wants to ensure that he provides his audience with a fun, memorable, and high take-away experience. Thank you DC for your time and the care that you put into our meeting and the surprise ending you delivered was amazing!"

Stuart Purviance

Colonel USAF - Retired, Kirtland Partnership Committee - Albuquerque
"Dennis puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and delivers better than anyone. I have known Dennis Campbell for 20 years and he has taken his high energy level and combined it with a maturity that serves him and others, extremely well. His clients sleep better because Dennis is working their issues."

W. Gary Grimmer

CEO GainingEdge (Former President Albuquerque CVB)
"Dennis took our sales operations to new heights, infusing our team with a heightened sense of professionalism, pride and, above all, accomplishment. A natural leader, mission driven and committed, Dennis drove levels of success that we had never achieved before.”


Jay J. Czar

Executive Director, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
"Dennis Campbell earned the respect and admiration of all the people and organizations he worked with in the convention and visitors industry. He has exceptionally strong character, impeccable integrity, and absolute loyalty to his mission. His logic, problem solving skills, and ability to manage complex matters are invaluable traits in the tourism and convention business. Dennis is multitalented and has a very effective style of dealing with people and issues. His exemplary communication skills enhance his value to an organization. He has vast experience in working with elected and appointed government officials as well as fortune 100 business executives. Dennis is the most enthusiastic and charismatic leader I know; people really enjoy spending time and doing business with him. He is very influential and is certainly a trend setter. In addition to his extraordinary skills and abilities, he is an excellent team player and has a wonderful sense of humor. Mr. Campbell is well traveled and he understands the importance of proper protocol and he understands and honors national customs. I can assure you that he will significantly increase the tourism and convention business for your country."

Pamela Loughman

Executive Director Gunnison / Crested Butte Tourism
"Dennis is an innovative leader who knows how to motivate and inspire clients and colleagues alike. He has a knack for creating win-win partnerships that result in exceeding expectations - always."

City of Albuquerque Executive Order Mayoral Decree

City of Albuquerque Executive Order: 

Dennis Campbell has greatly contributed to the economic growth of Convention Business in Albuquerque; And,

Whereas Dennis Campbell has worked diligently to bring national recognition to Albuquerque, as a Convention Destination; And,

Whereas, Dennis Campbell has established the ACVB "A" TEAM as a sales force to be respected and "FEARED" by other Convention Bureaus in the industry; And,

Whereas, Dennis Campbell has played an important role in Triple Digit Growth of Economic Return to the City of Albuquerque;

Now, Therefore, I, Martin J. Chavez, Mayor of the City of Albuquerque, Do Hereby Proclaim FEBRUARY 27th, 1996 as:


In Albuquerque, and on behalf of the entire community, wish him great success as General Manager of the New Mexico State Fair.